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Mula Sa Puso

Director: Wenn Deramas 

Role: Series Regular

“I worked with Ms. Princess Punzalan for more than 2 years [500 episodes] in the Filipino drama series, “Mula Sa Puso” (MSP). In the story, she played the despicable and evil Selina but in real life, she is the exact opposite of the character she played. Princess is simple, gentle, graceful, well-mannered, and a most genuinely kind-hearted person you’ll ever meet. She comes to the set prepared and equipped with so much focus, passion, and dedication to her work. It was a career-defining role that made a mark and created much impact in the history of Philippine soap-operas which she embraced with a full heart and made it her own, yet she was always open to collaborating with the director, producer, and creative team on how to further enhance her portrayal. Princess, just as her name connotes, has a high-ranking stature and is definitely one of the royals in Philippine showbiz industry.”

- Mickey Munoz, Executive Producer of "Mula Sa Puso"

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