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MMK "Hijab"

Director: Dado Lumibao

Role: Guest Star

"As an actress, she is a professional who knows her craft well, focused, and prepared. I like the way she uses her eyes and the tone of her voice to express her emotions and convey her feelings. In her quietness I know she’s studying not only her character but also her environment which she’s interacting with. Her nuances are on point. She attacks her role with all her heart and soul. Truly a gifted artist. In that episode, we shot in an actual location in Pagadian, Mindanao. The people were nice and generous but everyone was just so excited to watch an actual shoot. Shooting for four straight days with a lean team was difficult but Princess delivered. As a person, she’s so kind, friendly, patient, and never did we hear her complain. She understood the situation and adapted to it. She knew that as an actor, she could do her part by giving justice to her role no matter what the circumstances were. And she did. She gave an outstanding performance.”


- Dado Lumibao, Director of “Hijab” episode of MMK

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