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Johnny Loves Dolores
Undocumented Immigrant Looking for Work
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Director: Clarissa Delos Reyes

Supporting Role

“A lot relied on the character of Dolores.  She was Johnny's obsession. The script wasn't dialogue heavy, but relied a lot on how these characters moved within the frame while they were around each other or when they were alone.  They said words to each other that did more to hide their true feelings than convey them.  So much depended on the power of subtlety and Princess knew that.  She knew that less is way, way more.  She will improvise, and beautifully so. But she's also one of the remaining few who can stick to what's in the script and elevate it into something far better than what one had imagined.  She will hit her marks over and over again with precision.  She has so much mastery of her craft from decades of working at such a professional level, but she has also mastered her ego.  She knows that it takes a village to make a film; that this medium is a medium that thrives on collaboration.  To this day, I feel so grateful to have had her on my set. She's a rare breed, this lady."


- Clarissa Delos Reyes, Director, Writer, Producer of “Johnny Loves Dolores”

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